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Blossom DeVera

Blossom De Vera became a certified LEGACY Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA) because her values aligned with LEGACY’s mission that guides and empowers strategic investors through the Canadian real estate market in order to make their money work for the investor. Blossom is a Real Estate Investor and a Registered Nurse who is motivated to help people improve all aspects of their life. Blossom believes, whether the goal is to retire early, fund the education of a child, assist in the care of an aging parent or to have another source of income, investing in Canadian real estate provides the means to achieve your goals. 

Blossom developed her passion for investing by learning how her grandmother developed 12 townhouses in order to provide income to raise and support her family, have retirement income, and build generational wealth. Blossom learned that investing is a tool to create multiple sources of income and not to depend solely on her job.   Blossom believes in Warren Buffet’s philosophies especially “the most important investment you can make is to invest in yourself”.   Real Estate investing is about growing your investment capital by putting your money to work in economically sound markets. 

Blossom has been investing for 20 years and is a REIN member who actively applies REIN education and principles to support and guide investors all over Canada. Blossom’s portfolio generates more than six figures of income and is composed of over 4 million dollars in assets.  Blossom’s desire is to help others, so they are able to reach their potential.  She applies systems to allow investors to strategically analyze, invest in their future and live life on their terms!

My Legacy Book

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What Could Go Wrong

It’s important to be ready for any hardships life may throw your way. Learn the events that can go wrong for real estate investors and what you can do to prepare for, mitigate or eliminate them. Get equipped with the understanding you need to embrace and await adversity so you are prepared to equip others.

What Can Go Wrong

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